No need for your soul anymore? Sell it on the Ethereum Blockchain!
Or in need of a soul? Then buy one from a total stranger!

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TL;DR Version:

0. If you have not already, download MetaMask to connect to the Blockchain.

1. Put your soul on sale for a price of your choice (on a digital napkin!).

2. Wait for a stranger in need of a soul to buy it.

3. Profit!

It all started with too many drinks!

Friends of mine and I went drinking...

At some point, I cannot fully recall why (and why this happened on the loo), I was negotiating about one of my friends' soul. But I remember that I was a terrific negotiator and was able to purchase his soul for ridiculously cheap 2€. And there is proof! After returning from the loo, he wrote the devilish contract on a napkin:

Sorry, about the low quality photo, probably resulting from our intoxication. It's in German, but it translates to:

Hereby do I, [censored name of my friend], in full command of my mental faculties [not so sure about that!] and of my own free will, sell my "soul" to R... [that's me] for 2Euro.

However, irresponsible me already managed to lose the napkin during that night! Soo sad! Only if there was a tamper-proof method to preserve any contract forever... As it turns out, there is: The glorious, holy Blockchain! A couple of days later this idea was born.

Accordingly, I came up with this new SOUL Ethereum token, also named Soul Napkins (duh!). With it you can sell your soul to total strangers. But beware of the consequences:

How to use our devilish service?

In order to use this website in its full bloom and in order to buy and sell souls, you need one of the best Chrome plugins ever made: MetaMask. It connects you to the Ethereum Blockchain in your browser and let's you carry out transactions.

And, of course, by using this website and anything on it you agree to our Terms and Conditions (which for legal shenanigans really guarantee anything).

If you buy someone's soul, you will also be rewarded with SOUL tokens, also called Soul Napkins. Per Ether spent on peoples' souls, you get 10 napkins. Even better, for every soul purchase you receive 1 additional bonus napkin (in words: one)! You should hurry! The supply is limited and at most 144,000 napkins are distributed (get it?).

Lastly, selling your soul and buying souls is, of course, not for free. Charon, who helps me with this nifty business, charges you for advertising and soul transfers. Still, to not look to greedy, half of the profits made with this website will be donated to the Giordano Bruno Foundation. The foundation supports evolutionary Humanism and Secularism. The other half of the profits will most likely be spent on (more) drinks, though!

Sell Your Soul!   Or buy some Souls!

Charon's Merchandise

If you are really too lazy to install MetaMask or you just want some napkins, you are lucky! Charon sells empty napkins as merchandise for 10 finney (0.01 ETH) a piece. Just send your Ether directly to the following address (link will forward you to myetherwallet):


I recommend using a gas limit of 200,000 to avoid out of gas exceptions.

Hurry, because Charon only sells 144,000 Soul Napkins!

If you are reaaaally lazy, and you do not have Ethereum but some spare Bitcoin, I am happy to accept Bitcoin (who isn't?), too, at the following address:


If you send 0.1 BTC or more, I would even go so far to create an Ether wallet for you, shapeshift the Bitcoin into Ether myself, exchange them into napkins, and hand you over the wallet in some way or another ;-).

By the way you can always check your soul and napkin balance below:

Soul and Napkin Balance

Sell Your Soul

You can sell your soul to a total stranger! Charon charges you a very small fee (to prevent spam) of 3 finney (0.003 ETH) for advertising your soul in his soul book. Moreover, in case your soul is bought by someone, Charon further deducts a 10% obol as a transfer fee (much like the ecclesiastical tithe, try to say this as fast as you can three times in a row...). For example, if you want to sell your soul for 1 Ether, you have to pay 3 finney upfront. In case someone decides to buy your soul, you will receive 0.9 Ether and 0.1 are kept by Charon. Click here for detailed instructions...

To sell your soul just enter your price below and add some small comment (whatever comes to your mind) and hit the button. All of this will be stored forever and irreversibly on the Ethereum Blockchain! So I hope you thought it through and have chosen your words wisely. Note that the longer your comment gets, the more gas you have to spend to carry out the transaction. Better keep it short and simple.

Also be aware that whatever you publish on the Blockchain stays there for all eternity or till the end of the Blockchain (which Charon believes both to be equivalent). Neither we nor anyone else will be able to delete your soul submission. However, although Charon is not fond of any censorship, we reserve us the right in extreme cases of massive dickheadness, racism, or xenophobia, to not display your soul on this website (it will still be on the Blockchain, though).

After you initiated your soul sale, wait a couple of minutes until your transaction is mined into the Blockchain and refresh this website to find your soul listed in Charon's soul book below.

Soul Price


Comment or Reason

Charon's Holy Soulbook

Page 1

To see all listed souls, please install MetaMask!

Your current Soul and Napkin Balance

Again, you gotta install MetaMask to see your balances here. Alternatively, you can go to EtherScan and check your napkin balance with balanceOf and your souls with ownsSouls.


Is this a joke or scam?

Of course, not! The soul selling business is at least as serious as the Useless Ethereum Token or Jesus Coin.

How can I get some Ether to sell or buy souls?

Here is a nice guide on how to buy Ethereum. Afterwards you still need MetaMask, the Ethereum browser plugin, to buy and sell souls on this website.

Are you really going to donate half of the profits to the Giordano Bruno foundation?

Pinky promise! I will update this website with the official donation receipt or something similar once I donated to the foundation.

Can I wipe dirty stuff with my napkins?

Hmm, since they are digital napkins, I guess, most likely not! But since the napkins are ERC20 compliant tokens, you may exchange them for other fine tokens on the EtherDelta exchange. Apart from that there is no use for the napkins... Why do you even consider buying them?

How many decimals does the SOUL token have?

Six, so you can literally tear each of your napkins into a million pieces!

I want my soul/ether/time back! Can I get a refund?

I'm sorry, I tried to convince Charon, but he insists on a very strict no refunds policy.

Who are you?

By day and by training I am a Data Scientist. By night I write Solidity code for fun and assist Charon with various silly business ideas such as this one! I have to say, writing the Ethereum contract was fun. All this JavaScript nonsense, on the other hand, that is needed around it, not so much. I guess, I am more of a backend kinda guy...

I'm a crypto journalist and, or Blockchain enthusiast, can I write an article/block post about this project?

Sure, knock yourself out!

I think you and your website are disgusting! You will go straight to hell! My bible study group and I will pray for your downfall!

Well, this is not a question. However, if you are really upset about me, just send me and Charon a twitter message. We can use all sorts of media buzz. Thank You!

I found a typo on your website!

Ok, good for you. You can keep it, it's my treat!

Is the source code of the token available?

Ah, finally someone interested in the technical details. Nice! The answer is yes, check it out on EtherScan. May I point out to you that this project is copyright protected? Charon is pretty serious about this kinda stuff. If he found out that you bluntly copied and pasted the code to set up your own business, you could wake up next to a dead horse head one day...


Copyright 2017 and all rights reserved by the owner of the following Ethereum address: 0x10E44C6bc685c4E4eABda326c211561d5367EEec